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Our Team

Lisa Howell (B.Phty)

Owner, Senior Physiotherapist

Lisa is the owner and creator of Perfect Form Physiotherapy. She started the practice in 2005 with the mission to create the highest quality physical therapy care in a nurturing environment. Lisa has a strong history in classical dance and is well respected both nationally and internationally for her work with young dancers, professional dancers and dance teachers. Lisa’s focus is on education to prevent injury and maximise performance rather than waiting for injury to occur. At the 2007 IADMS conference her poster on pre-pointe assessment was joint-winner of the award for the poster making "The Greatest Contribution To Dance Medicine" and continues to develop programs to educate and inspire young dancers to become the best that they can possible be. Lisa is also a qualified instructor in The Pilates Method and has had extensive personal involvement in various forms of Dance and Yoga. Throughout her professional studies and career she has continued her involvement with dance and uses her personal experience as a constant learning tool to advance her knowledge.

Sally Harrison (BscHons)

Senior Physiotherapist

Sally was born and educated in the United Kingdom where she began her career as a professional dancer which she pursued for over seven years, dancing in venues and companies all over the world, most notably in the UK, Europe and the US. Sally remains passionate about dance and now shares her continued love of this art form within her physiotherapy and exercise training. Sally takes an holistic, total body approach to injury prevention and treatment, allowing her to work with dancers and athletes alike at a level which helps them to achieve and maintain their greatest potential. Sally is also a qualified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and Health and Lifestyle Coach and maintains a keen interest in rehabilitative exercise training and health coaching. Outside of PerfectFormPhysiotherapy Sally manages 'Pro-align', a company dedicated to exercise rehab and functional Pilates. She continues to dance regularly and perform in the Sydney Cuban Salsa scene.

Kathryn Rowling (B.App.Sc(PHTY)Hons)


Kathryn graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy with Honors. She has also completed her Rehabilitation Pilates training with Polestar Pilates Australia. She has over 20 years experience in dance in various styles including ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap and acrobatics. Her passion and commitment for dance has taken her around the world and seen her perform on stages in Universal Studios, Disneyland (USA and France) and on Royal Caribbean Cruise lines. She has taken classes at internationally recognised studios including Alvin Ailey, The Juliard School (NYC), Miami City Ballet, San Fransisco Dance Centre and Pineapple Dance Studios (London). She has represented NSW and Australia through the NSW State Dance Company. She has a passion for treating dancers and believes injuries acquired through dance require specific assessment and individual rehab programs to ensure the safe return to practice. By addressing the technical faults that may have contributed to the injury, Kathryn’s aim is to rehabilitate the dancer to be stronger than they were before the injury occurred, and to prevent the injury from reoccurring.

Heidi Kim (B.HlthSci MPhty)


Heidi graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelors of Health Science degree, majoring in Movement Science and a Masters of Physiotherapy degree. Heidi is interested in all musculoskeletal injuries in particular dance related injuries and rehabilitation and has over 17 years dance experience herself. She has completed all of her Cecchetti ballet exams up to and including Advanced 2 and was the successful recipient of the Big Brother Movement’s Classical Ballet Scholarship to further her dancing studies in London in 2013. Heidi has gained her Associate teaching qualification under Cecchetti Ballet Australia and Level 1 Rehabilitation Pilates teacher training with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute. She has a strong interest in individualized exercise based therapy and technique corrections to aid with injury prevention and rehabilitation. She is extremely passionate about empowering her clients to reach their goals and and receives great satisfaction seeing the progression of their multifaceted journey. Outside of work, she continues to dance, goes to the gym, enjoys travelling the world and relax at the beach.

April Ager

Office Manager

Our delightful Office Manager is another UK national who now calls Australia home. April loves the fast paced role at the clinic and is always happy to go the extra mile to help. She also has a strong history in the Performing Arts scene, graduating from Pattison Theatre Arts as an A.I.D.T.A dance teacher and all round performer in the UK. April continues her love for dance by continuing to teach in and around Sydney as well as performing in local Musical Theatre shows.

Lua Prichard

Cusomer Service Manager

Lua is our passionate and friendly online customer service consultant. She has been training in a variety of dance styles such as classical ballet, contemporary, jazz, modern and tap for the past 9 years. Her interest in the musculoskeletal system and the biomechanics of the body in relation to dance has flourished as a result of improving her dance technique and overcoming injuries with many treatment sessions with Lisa and the Perfect Form team. After completing her Secondary School studies, Lua is continuing to exercise her love for all genres of dance, and thoroughly enjoys connecting with the global dance community and answering all questions and inquiries! She always does her best to ensure positive outcomes for all, and to ensure happy and satisfied customers!

Tom Elphick

Marketing Manager

Tom is our friendly online manager of all things digital. He is responsible for taking care of our website, social media channels, product management and is partly responsible for our customer service system. He is currently undertaking a Bachelor of International Science at UNSW, majoring in Neuroscience. Before joining our team, he danced professionally in Germany and Netherlands, performing with the Heidelberg Tanz Theater and Nationaltheater Mannheim. He is passionate about dance and is keen to share his passion with everybody at Perfect Form Physio.