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About Us

Perfect Form Physio was started by Lisa Howell in 2005 with the aim of giving people the highest possible level of care, in a nurturing environment. We are a specialised Dance Physiotherapy clinic and have worked with many different body types and styles of dance – from classical ballet to hip-hop, contemporary to salsa, break dancing and even martial arts. And YES! We also treat non dancers!

Knowing exactly what is physically demanded of you in each of your activities is so important in order to treat both non dancers, dance students and professionals effectively. All of our therapists have a strong background and love for dance with good grounding in a variety of different dance styles. The dancers that we work with love  that we know exactly what they mean when they describe their write my essay hip popping with a Grand Rond de Jambe, and understand that they can still feel tight and restricted even when the leg is in a full mount.

Our aim is to change the world of dance by providing educational workshops and products for dancers, teachers and health professionals to prevent and reduce injuries by increasing the quality of the services given to dancers all over the world.

Perfect Form Physio has grown from humble beginnings to become a fantastic team of individuals passionate about the body and dedicated to helping you recover from any injury, improve your technique, or accelerate your performance. The same skills that allow us to work with athletes performing at high levels, also enables us to work effectively with absolutely anyone with chronic pain. As experts in the field of dance physiotherapy, we can help with the prevention and treatment of dance related injuries. Education and empowerment of dancers is our top priority.

We provide a holistic approach to treatment, combing healing for both the mind and the body, as we understand that the body needs to function as a whole.With a ‘hands on’ focus we use various treatment techniques to get you pain free as soon as possible and follow this with self treatment techniques and exercise rehabilitation  to empower you in your recovery.

Whether you’re a non dancer, just starting out as a dancer or are at a professional level, we can help you achieve your goals and be the best you can be!

Perfect Form Physiotherapy For Dancers

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Our Treatment ProcessWhy Choose Us

We can help you achieve your goals and be the best dancer you can be!

Dance Physio Experts

With a strong background in dance, we know exactly what is physically demanded of you as a dancer to treat you effectively.


We give you advice and self treatment techniques to prevent reoccurence and get you back to your best!

Holistic Approach

We understand that the body needs to function as a whole and combine healing for both the mind and the body.